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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are essentially the same thing. Yet, it is often the STI that develops into an STD if left unchecked. STI is a newer term that conveys the reality that many sexually transmitted afflictions begin as mild infections that can be fully cured with antibiotics.

STD’s Trending in Los Angeles

The most common STI’s trending in Los Angeles are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. The shocking reality is that half of all new infections occur in young people (15 to 24 years old).

The African homosexual male demographic represents the majority of the deadly but subtle Syphilis cases. When it comes to Gonorrhea, seventy-five percent of these infections are hitting young women.

This is very troubling when we consider the risks of infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and deadly ectopic pregnancies that commonly develop from undetected and thus untreated gonorrhea.

The current estimates suppose that more than 61,000 people are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the Los Angeles area. If we look at global risks of HIV acquisition and the risks throughout the United States, we find a similar pattern.

The demographics most affected by HIV are still homosexual men, particularly young African-Americans, IV drug addicts, transvestites who engage in anal sex, commercial sex workers, and women who are incarcerated.

Globally, the epidemics for sexually transmitted diseases break out in poorer areas. This largely due to the restricted access to medical care and desperation for money that leads to more commercial sex.

Add in men becoming transvestites to survive in the commercial sex trade when there are no decent jobs, who are desperate to have sex and will forego condoms, and you have the perfect storm.

It is now estimated that nearly half of all Americans will acquire an STD before 25 but may be asymptomatic or disregard the general symptomatology. It is more important than ever for young people to get tested.

Why are STD’s on the Rise in Young People?

Because young adults and adolescents are still dependent on their parents, it is often difficult for them to obtain the medical care they need. If they tell their families that they have engaged in sexual activity or the parents find out that their son or daughter has a disease, this can lead to very serious consequences.

The factor of control that parents have over the lives of their children, and the inability of adolescents to fully abstain from sex at an age when their hormones are raging, form the perfect storm for unchecked infections and the rampant spread of STI’s.

The testing usually does not occur until the youth has crossed the threshold of warning symptoms or warnings from other sexual partners who test positive. What if these adolescents could find safe, quick, convenient, and anonymous testing for these ailments? That would save a huge problem and stigma that is keeping them from testing.

STD Check offers the simple solution. They are the only STD testing lab that provides anonymous testing to minors aged 16-17 without parental consent. They will not have to notify your parents if you test positive for a disease and can save your life.

STD testing is too important in this demographic to be obstructed with red tape and additional repercussions from parents who feel a burden to keep their offspring from harmful lifestyle choices. While parents often mean well, they can be irrational and make adolescents gamble with their health by being tiger moms.

STD Check provides a great service that is taking the burden off parents worrying about the health of their sons and daughters. Their adolescents and young adults can access the health care they need without having to put their mom or pop in an awkward situation.

About HIV STD Testing

Myths Regarding Rising HIV Cases

While some are blaming the availability of prophylactic measures that hedge against unwanted pregnancy and HIV infections in high-risk demographics for the steady increase, it is clear that commercial sex and drug-fueled sex are still the leading causes for HIV infection.

The myth is that pre-prophylaxis exposure (PrEP) and post-prophylaxis exposure (PEP) antiviral medications that reduce the risks of contracting HIV, even if the patient engages in high-risk activity with HIV infected partners, are leading to increased HIV cases because they provide false securities.

It is also theorized that the morning after pill is leading people to engage in sex without considering the consequences. The reality is that HIV is a lifestyle risk that many believe they can hedge against until they are eventually caught in difficult judgment situations and let down their guard.

Is Sexual Sorting the Source of New HIV Cases?

The latest trend behind the spread of STI’s in big cities like LA is called “sexual sorting.” Sexual sorting involves the development of cliques or social circles that share similar fetishes (often in fetish clubs, through drug connections, or via the internet). If one person in the group becomes infected, the others become vulnerable and pass on the acquired STD.

The problem may ultimately come down to trust, that other members trust that they are familiar with a person’s sexual partners. They let down their guard from drugs or alcohol and get an STD that likewise is transferred, “Scout’s Honor,” through the group.

Is HIV a Collateral Risk to Drug-Fueled/Commercial Sex Lifestyles?

HIV infection rates continue to rise because the tactics to identify and retrain the habits of the high-risk demographics will never succeed. This is because these demographics accept the risks and gamble with their health.

They have sex with too many different sexual partners at drug-fueled orgies for money or excitement and cannot be burdened with safe sex practices or testing. Drugs and alcohol give them artificial confidence to take risks and gamble with their health.

If the drug problem could be solved in the US, along with the commercial nihilism that drives the commercial sex and casual sex lifestyles, then the collateral results of people numbing their minds and gambling with their lives would also dry up.

Is STD Check a Major Part of the Solution?

For those who choose not to gamble with their health or who are on the fence about choosing such a nihilistic lifestyle, broader access to anonymous STD testing with faster results is the solution.

If people who choose not to risk their health required an STD test before consummating the relationship with every new partner, the STD infection rates among them would be less than nill.

One of the social mechanisms behind unsafe sexual practices is the desire to impress new sexual partners with an intense performance. This means totally bare naked penetrative sex that presents the highest risks for spreading STD’s.

The fleeting mood and situations that drive people to gamble with their health when they meet a stranger and feel like they have fallen in love are irrational but seem right at the time.

The harder it may be to put off naked intercourse for another day, the more difficult it is to justify prophylactic measures or non-penetrative sexual relations. STD Check is the solution because anyone can wait a few days to fully consummate their relationship, stress-free.

In fact, these relationships are more likely to last the test of time because partners will not have the same fears of partners who suffer from alacrity risking their health with infidelity.

Knowing that you can fully verify your HIV and STD status in 1-2 days, if you have been abstinent for about 3 months, is exactly how STD’s can be isolated to those who choose high-risk lifestyles.

Best of all, STD Check offers the rapid RNA viral load check that can detect HIV in as little as 10 days after exposure. This test would greatly reduce the odds of HIV transmission if you simply waited 3 days for results.

The alternatives to risking your health are vaccination, frequent testing, and safer sexual practices to consummate new relationships. It is possible to be vaccinated for HPV and other viral infections like Hepatitis A and B.

Why is the STD Check Service So Popular?

The STD Check service has a lot of advantages over traditional testing methods and home tests. Let’s look at the great features, below:

  • 1-2 day turnaround (possibly 3 days for RNA test)
  • Anonymous (all billing/medical records destroyed)
  • Minors (16-17) do not need parental consent
  • Prescriptions for bacterial STD’s (available over the phone)
  • Full range of testing (for almost all STD’s)
  • Lab-accurate results
  • Reasonably priced
  • Results are not part of your medical record
  • Testing takes about 15 minutes or less
  • No blood draw needed, simple finger prick
  • Western Blot accuracy for HIV
  • 4th Generation HIV testing
  • RNA HIV Rapid-test (for results 10+ days after exposure)
  • Online convenience
  • Regional testing locations

There are no more excuses to put off testing for an STD or engaging in risky sexual practices. It is possible to prove your HIV status or obtain the cure for an STI without all the stigmas and red tape bureaucracy that curses traditional avenues for healthcare.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Testing Methods

Traditional healthcare testing methods are a dead-end. It can take weeks to schedule an appointment, weeks to receive results, and can be embarrassing to keep coming up with excuses for your general practitioner to bill the insurer, yet again, if you have no symptoms.

The results will be shared with insurers which can increase your insurance premiums in the future if they secretly label you a high risk. The results will go on your medical record and lead to awkward situations if you contract an STD and end up in a small-town area or community where people spread rumors.

Obtain a Convenient STD Check in Los Angeles

When you have the testing done by STD Check, you are working directly with the lab. You do not have to go through a bureaucracy or wade through extensive scheduling delays. An STD Check with STD Check is as easy as it sounds.

While antibiotic-resistant strains of gonorrhea and chlamydia are on the rise, and cure rates for Hepatitis C are not 100-percent, the odds are very slim of being severely affected by an STD if you regularly receive screening through STD Check.

Viruses like Hepatitis C can lie dormant in the body for 10-30 years without showing symptoms while slowly destroying your body from the inside out. If you have had a variety of sexual partners or even one of uncertain status, it is worth testing for the peace of mind alone.


Taking your health seriously and showing respect for your partners by ensuring their safety is positive karma. It is important for all Americans to work together in solving our STD problems by detecting infections before they grow into diseases.

People who know that they have diseases and infections can take the appropriate precautions, no matter what they may have contracted, and preserve their lives indefinitely. STD Check provides a critical role in this process.


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